Hill Tribe Elephant Care
Chiang Mai

Hill Tribe Elephant Care

Chiang Mai, Thailand

A new location in the local area that is striving to be one of the leading elephant camps. We have worked very closely helping to establish this new elephant camp, having known the owners for many years. Their passion and drive is second to none. They have reunited elephant families back together. Allowing these beautiful elephants to walk freely through the day in vast fields, with rivers and mountains everywhere you look. It’s stunning! You’d be surprised how rare it can be to find a happy elephant and these are definitely happy elephants!

By joining this program you are supporting a local community who’s heritage is rich with elephants. You will stay at one of a number of home-stays we and the elephant camp support. Bringing in funds and sharing amongst the community to keep it fair.

Please understand the elephants are invited to participate in activities that help to enrich them. Such as walking through the jungle, mud baths or swimming in the rivers. We do not force them into activities as we want to allow these magnificent creature to live as natural lives as possible. How wonderful is that?

During your time here you participate in any of the following activities. We want to allow you to have a true Village life experience. It’s not all about the elephants.

This project is led by the requirements of the elephants and the surrounding communities. Therefore it’s not possible to tell you at this stage exactly how your week will be planned. We don’t know ourselves until much closer to your chosen start date.

However, what we can say is that your week or two will consist of the an element of each of the following and you will have the most incredible, unforgettable time.


Walking up and through the jungle. Allowing them to show their most natural behaviour of foraging as a group. Elephants are very sociable animals.

  • Mud and swimming – This is wonderful for the elephants as it keeps their skin healthy and is great for social bonding. It’s also a good way to check them over to ensure they don’t have any injuries or illness.
  • Medicine – Making natural medicine balls to keep the elephants healthy. This gives you the chance to learn about their diet, natural medications and the healthcare of the elephants.
  • Feeding – You’ll be amazed at just how much these creatures can eat!!
  • Clear up – As they eat a lot they also use the toilet a lot! This needs cleaning up and so we’ll give the Mahouts a hand to help clear it up.

Community Development

An amazing way to give back to the community. We empower the locals to tell us what they need and how we can help. Your support means many hands to help us complete bigger projects for the village and elephant camp. From locals temples, churches, food storage for elephants or even building Mahout accommodation so they can be closer to their elephants at night time. Whatever you work on you can be assured you’re having a positive impact as we are following the locals advice. Work can be hard and you will learn how to build things the Thai way. So get ready for some new skills! We work through rain and shine!


This is more labour intensive than you think. But I guarantee it will stay with you forever. From harvesting elephant food (Grass, corn, pumpkin or sugar cane) to replanting veggies, making fertiliser or weeding. It is all needed and depends on the season that you arrive as to the work that will be required. This elephant camp only feeds its elephants organic produce. Sadly many other camps feed their elephants pesticide-laced crops which is very damaging for their health. We also support many local organic farmers to make sure we share our services across the community so everyone benefits.

Cultural Activities

Karen people are world-famous for their weaving skills. You will be able to see this first-hand and get involved yourself, learn the traditional way they make their beautiful tops, skirts and bags. You will also be taken to visit some beautiful temples in the jungle, that many monks and nuns attend for mediation. This is far from the usual temple, and not a location that most tourists ever have the chance get to visit!

Thai Cooking

We want to give you as many skills as possible to take home with you. So it wouldn’t be complete without you learning to cook some traditional Thai cuisine. We can cater for all diet types, help you to learn your favourite Thai dish, teach you all about the special ingredients and by the end of your time with us, you’ll be a Thai cooking superstar!


If a planned activity finishes sooner than expected, do not fret! We have plenty of things going on, plenty of projects that always need help and lots to keep you busy. From relaxing and swimming at the local waterfall, learning about and of course, trying ,some of Chiang Mai’s world-famous coffee or joining in on a local community clear up. You days will be packed full from start to finish.

Your help will be greatly received on this incredible project. Unfortunately, due to the ever-increasing costs of caring for, and ensuring the safety of elephants income from visitors like you is essential. Not only does it allow us to work harder in all areas, it ensures the sustainability of what we do and will help us to save more elephants.


  1. To confirm your place on the tour we require a deposit of £100 ($130). This can be paid through direct transfer or PayPal. Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable with express written consent from the bookings team at trunk.
  2. We require the outstanding balance to be received no later than 6 weeks before your chosen start date.
  3. Minimum age of travellers is 17 years old unless accompanied by an adult aged 18 or older
  4. All travellers are expected to purchase their own travel and medical insurance prior to entering Cambodia.
  5. Whilst we do our best to cater for all dietary requirements, we can only do this with advance notice. If you have any dietary requirements, please ensure that you inform the bookings team.



Just $760 (£605) for 7 nights
Just $1,245 (£995) for 14 nights

BOOK TWO PLACES TOGETHER AND SAVE 20%! Based on sharing a twin or double room.


Chiang Mai (on ANY Saturday of every month)


Chiang Mai


7 nights or 14 nights

Minimum Age

17 years old


  • All accommodation throughout your stay
  • All transport including airport pick up on arrival
  • All meals during your stay at the project
  • Daily breakfast at weekend in Chiang Mai hotel accommodation
  • Daily interaction with the elephants
  • All activities as described in the itinerary
  • Project development work and associated costs
  • 24/7 expert assistance from project coordinators
  • Hands on, expertly led interaction with the elephants at the project
  • Thai language and cooking lessons
  • Extensive pre-arrival information
  • Lifelong memories and new friendships!

Arrival Dates


All dates are on a Saturday

  • November 7th and 14th
  • December 5th


All dates are on a Saturday

  • January 9th and 23rd
  • February 6th and 20th
  • March  6th and 20th
  • April  3rd and 24th
  • May 1st and 15th
  • June 5th and 19th
  • July 3rd and 10th
  • August 7th and 21st
  • September 4th and 18th
  • October 2nd and 16th
  • November 6th and 20th 
  • December 4th and 11th


Looking for something else?

Here at trunk we are constantly striving to help more and more ethical locations. If you know of any such project that needs more support, please let us know and we will happily reach out to them.