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At our heart is our ongoing support of captive and rescued elephants in Asia. Having worked with some of the best and the worst of elephant-based projects over the last decade, we know that we’re experienced and focused enough to help those who genuinely offer the right support and have achievable goals that will ultimately help in areas that it’s needed. 

Trunk are extremely proud to be currently partnering with two incredible projects; that are dedicated to the ongoing and sustainable care of these majestic beasts. By joining us on one of these projects you will be directly helping to sustain the work, learn from the experts, experience first-hand the plight of the elephants and genuinely make a difference. If you want to ride elephants on cruel and barbaric ‘treks’, then these are most definitely not for you. If you’re genuinely interested in learning more about the welfare and safety of elephants, then either of these projects are definitely what you’re looking for.

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Aid & Support Tours

Hill Tribe Elephant Care
Chiang Mai - Thailand

7 or 14 nights

Chiang Mai, Thailand - Located just 40 minutes outside of Chiang Mai is a very special elephant sanctuary that's dedicated to supporting not only the elephants but also the surrounding Karen hill tribe community. Come and join us to ensure the exceptional work carried out here is sustainable and achieves the goals that are so desperately needed.

From Only US$ 850 (£ 655)

Jungle Elephant Care
Mae Chaem - Thailand

7 or 14 nights

Mae Chaem, Thailand - The jungles surrounding Chiang Mai are the perfect location for rescued elephants to be reintroduced to their natural habitat. However, they need help and safety and this unique project offers exactly that. Live in the jungle in genuine hill tribe communities for a fully immersive experience like no other.

From Only US$ 850 (£ 655)

Happy Elephants & Hill Tribes
Chiang Mai - Thailand

7 nights

Located in the lush green, mountainous jungles north of Chiang Mai city lies one of the most stunning and picturesque sanctuaries in Thailand. Home to many well-loved, safe, healthy and happy elephants, this project is undoubtedly one of the glowing beacons for how camps and sanctuaries should be operating, and this is one of the many reasons why at trunk we’re proud to be a supporter.

From Only US$ 1,250 (£ 960)

Secret Jungle
Phitsanuloke - Thailand

8 nights

Located around half-way between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, in the hills of the northern plains, lies a secret, hidden elephant project that is very different to most others. This project sits on over 350 acres of natural jungle environment offering the very best land for elephants to roam, forage and socialise.

From Only US$ 1,395 (£ 1,075)

Multi-Location Elephant Tours

Elephants & Angkor
Siem Reap - Cambodia

7 nights

Siem Reap, Cambodia - Become a trunk traveller and really explore under the skin of Siem Reap. To most visitors, Siem Reap is a stop-off to allow a visit to Angkor Wat. To those who are prepared to stick around a little longer, Siem Reap is overflowing with fascinating and life-changing activities. Travel that genuinely helps, that’s trunk!

From Only US$ 1,050 (£ 805)

Elephants & Adventure
BKK, Chiang Mai, Koh Samed - Thailand

7 nights

Doubtless you’ve heard stories from those who have been lucky enough to explore this Kingdom of wonder, well now it’s your turn to test just how true those stories are. The warm and friendly locals, the mouth-watering food, the glorious weather, fascinating culture and history, and of course the incredible elephants.

From Only US$ 1,349 (£ 1,050)

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