Improving Lives Through Responsible Travel

Ethical Elephant Tours in Thailand

Elephant tours in Thailand get a very bad press and usually for very good reason but there are a number of travel companies who offer ethical elephant tours in Chiang Mai, one of which is Trunk Travel. 

Our company ethos is centred on ethical, sustainable and social responsibility and each and every tour we facilitate reflects these core values. We work closely with likeminded local people and communities who realise the long-standing value of ethical elephant tours and also realise the long-term benefits to both the elephants and their own livelihoods. The Thailand elephant tours we offer are in stark contrast to some of tours you may have seen negatively publicised across the media, this will become overwhelmingly obvious from the moment you embark on a Trunk Travel elephant tour in Thailand.

Our Ethos

Trunk Travel – Much More than a Thailand Elephant Tours Company

The amount of dedication, passion and hard work that goes into facilitating truly ethical elephant tours may not be immediately evident when you initially join one of our elephant tours in Chiang Mai, so here’s just a brief snapshot of the bigger picture to give you an idea of how we work on a daily basis:

  • Locate captive elephant populations in rough and isolated areas to monitor their health and wellbeing 
  • Provide advice and education to elephant handlers and owners with the help of our local partners
  • Talk to and convince local communities about the benefits of ethical treatment and the alternative ethical streams of revenue available
  • Publicise the plight of mistreated elephants via worldwide conservation platforms
  • Engage with all levels of officialdom through the appropriate channels to provide information on a local level

Our ultimate aim is to improve the life of elephants and offer assistance to any other organisation that shares our values.

Where Your Money Goes

When guests book one of our elephant tours in Chiang Mai, the money they pay directly impacts upon our objective to provide effective and lasting change. Not only do our guests have the experience of a lifetime, they can also take benefit in knowing that a proportion of their payment is being used in the areas that need it most. For the team at Trunk Travel, their roles encompass much more than just a job, it’s a passion and a real desire to make a notable difference to the lives of elephants in Thailand whilst giving our guests a fantastic experience at the same time. 


Planning your Trip 

The secret to any great trip to Southeast Asia is in the planning and preparation and this includes elephant tours in Thailand. Please take your time to browse our site and explore the adventures and experiences we offer and please get in touch if you require any further information. Our experienced team are always happy to provide advice and recommendations if requested in order to make your trip the experience the best it possibly can be.

Forgotten Places

There are areas of the country that are seemingly ‘forgotten’. And like every other developing country, Thailand has organisations that want to offer help and assistance where it’s needed. For the team at trunk, we are dedicated in helping to protect and improve the lives of the captive elephant population. We do this through hard work, passion, strategy and by working with local communities to introduce effective and lasting change.

By travelling with trunk you will be directly impacting this change. A percentage of your tour fee will go directly to support our partners and ensure longevity and sustainability of the work we’re all focused on achieving.

The capital city of Bangkok is home to our head office, and our main operations team. As Thailand is home to where our story began, we have access to a vast network of travel solutions, all of whom we have worked with for many years.

If you have any other questions for our team, we'd love to hear from you.