Destination: Thailand

Hungry for adventure in the Land of Smiles, Thailand welcomes over 30 million tourists every year. All are welcomed in to find open arms, the most gracious hospitality, the best food on the planet and locations that set the heart racing. From the mountainous jungles in the north, to the pan-flat rice fields of the east to the jaw-droppingly beautiful islands in the south. Around every corner Thailand amazes her visitors and you never know what’s coming next!

There are areas of the country that are seemingly ‘forgotten’. And like every other developing country, Thailand has organisations that want to offer help and assistance where it’s needed. For the team at trunk, we are dedicated in helping to protect and improve the lives of the captive elephant population. We do this through hard work, passion, strategy and by working with local communities to introduce effective and lasting change.

By travelling with trunk you will be directly impacting this change. A percentage of your tour fee will go directly to support our partners and ensure longevity and sustainability of the work we’re all focused on achieving.
The capital city of Bangkok is home to our head office, and our main operations team. As Thailand is home to where our story began, we have access to a vast network of travel solutions, all of whom we have worked with for many years.